Fourth Meeting:


Nijkerk 12 July 2020

Notules of the foundation

Christians 4 children



Jonathan Floor, treasurer

Martijn Schoonhoven, chairman

Ayla van der Pols, secretary



The opening will be led by the chairman, thanks to the flexibility of the Medialoods we can meet again in Nijkerk.


Determining the agenda.

Some points have shifted in the order, in connection with calling the contacts in Kenya.


Adopt Minutes 17 May.

The points have been reviewed and most have been implemented.

The point at which banking is arranged has changed. This in connection with changing banks.

  • The bank account at N26BANK has been canceled and converted to an account at Rabobank.

The minutes have been approved.


Received documents

  1. Letter explaining the Emmeloord subsidy agency.

This document was for information about the state of affairs with the application for a subsidy.

  1. Documents David.

All documents have also been passed on to the subsidy office.

  1. UBO forms.

These are in the possession of the treasurer and have now been approved by the RABOBANK.

  1. Plan of action.

Has been approved by all board members. Some minor changes have been made to the communication style to make the plan a bit more professional.



  • The chairman would like more background information about the action plan for the well. And especially about the down payment that must be made.

  • The secretary's question is, why the amount for the pump is so much higher than in India, for example, does this have to do with the type of pump?




Conversation with contacts in Kenya

The conversation is pleasant, for the first conversation it is a pleasant introduction.

The home is in very bad shape and the children have to walk a long way to access water.

Unfortunately due to the corona crisis, the contact persons no longer have any income.


In the evaluation of the conversation, it appears that the priority at the moment is on providing money for food, figuring out a possibility of a water source close to the house and repairing the house itself.


  • In the next meeting we will find out what we can do with the water supply.

  • For now, 100 euros will be transferred every month for 5 months so that the home can provide the children with food.


Meeting points


  1. Subsidy Office:

  • situation.

Pieces are at the desk and now we have to wait for an answer.

It has been promised verbally that the subsidy should not be a problem.

  • Contact is on July 14, call an appointment and make an appointment

  1. Rabobank:

  • Situation

  • Final papers must be signed.

    • Bank card has yet to come in.

  • Receive and sign papers

Are signed.

  • Club promotion

  • From 1 September, the foundation must be registered with the RABOBANK for the club action.

  • On the 2nd Sunday after the holiday break, on Sept. Are we going to promote the foundation in the Family Church.

  • Promote the foundation on social media and in the environment so that voting can take place.

  1. Printing on textile

  • Purchase of machine.

The treasurer will investigate a good machine.

  • Collaboration Loft?

LOFT agrees.







  1. Website:


  • Schedule.

  • Minutes may be posted on the website.

  • Word processing, an introduction about ourselves.

  • Under the heading 'projects' a story about the contacts in Kenya plus photos.

  • Club promotion on the website.


  1. PvA sponsorship / connection

The chairman would make a plan of action for the sponsorships / actions and contacts with other foundations. Unfortunately he has not got around to it yet.

This will be on the agenda on the next agenda.


Any other business

  • We now focus on the emergency plan for the home in Kenya.

  • Our priority now is to bring in money to provide further assistance to the children.


  • The foundation's slogan is:

'if you want to travel fast, go alone.

If you want to get far, go together. '


  • A note from the treasurer;

Don't put too much pressure on yourself and each other.

We can sort things out at our own pace.


  • Tip for future donations, donations for a container so that shoe boxes and the like can be sent to Kenya.


Determine next meeting

The next meeting will take place on September 13, 2020.

The location is probably the Medialoods in Nijkerk, but because of the measures regarding corona, this still has to be checked.



For the overview regarding the financial plan for Kenya, it would be useful to set up several goals.

For example 1 amount for the house, So that we can set priorities.


Third Meeting:


Leusden 17 May 2020

Notules of the foundation

Christians 4 children



Jonathan Floor, treasurer

Martijn Schoonhoven, chairman

Ayla van der Pols, secretary



The opening is led by the chairman with a picture of the builder who builds his house on sand or stone.

Because we build on a solid foundation, so build on stone, the foundation is resistant to storms. Also what we build in Africa.

Jesus is our solid rock, our source.


Determining the agenda.

A number of points are added extra.


Adopt Minutes April 19.

Adjusted minutes will be sent to the Treasurer for posting on the website.

In the future there will be a small check on grammar related to dyslexia.

The minutes have been approved.


Received documents

  • The Chamber of Commerce

Documents have been received, the treasurer has official documents.

  • Bank account number and debit card

Account has been opened, is now in the name of the treasurer, will later be in the name of the foundation.

  • Financial plan

The treasurer looks ahead in the policy plan. Here and there, certain expectations of sources of income must / can be changed.

  • Contact / letter contact person Kenya

There is now email contact with the contact person about plans and the financial plan for the village for the orphans in Kenya.

Call contact is scheduled for the next meeting.

  • tax authorities

Treasurer has been in contact and has the papers.

The foundation is not subject to payroll tax or tax and does not have to file a tax return.

  • Policy plan

Has been read by all.

Additions are business model and sources of income.

Monthly earnings are highlighted.

Policy plan has been established and approved.



  • Grant application

After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the subsidy office, the board concluded that it should look for another office.

The treasurer will take on this task.



  • Determining the holidays, in this period we set a rest period.

This will be from July 16 to August 17.

  • It applies to everyone that as many tasks as possible are worked on during the week and the weekends are kept free.

  • The login details of the e-mail account of the foundation remain in the hands of the treasurer, he is the point of contact. Important emails are forwarded.


Meeting points

Outlook for the second half of the year, September 1 - December 31

  • Plan of action


  • The treasurer draws up an action plan for clothing, media, website, and resources.

  • Invest in printing machine to reduce costs.


  • Establishes connections with foundations.


  • Keep an eye on agendas for promoting the foundation.

  • Website

  • Is in the air, minutes can be added.

  • If promotional material becomes available in the future, interested parties can order this by e-mail.

  • Social media

  • 1x per week social media.

  • 1x per month newsletter, with a new aspect / surprising news every month.

  • Automatic transfers

  • It is possible to set up automatic direct debits at the bank.

  • Treasurer searches for the QR code.

  • It is best to promote the foundation at the end of May (due to holiday allowance), Christmas and the 13th month.

  • Business cards are also useful to have.

  • Names of companies that donate come with a link on the website, but not on the homepage.

  • Contact Kenya

  • It is important to make it clear by telephone that we are in the first stage of establishing the foundation.

  • Financially we are only able to provide for the basic necessities of life for the children in Kenya.

  • The plans sent by the contact person are too ambitious for us at the moment.

  • It was decided to call the contact person in Kenya at the next meeting.

  • It is important to remain transparent and to continue to listen to each other with your heart.

  • Completion of establishment

It was not possible to achieve the first goal before July 16, 2020, which is to complete the foundations of the foundation. The last thing that needs to be arranged for this is the subsidy application, which will be completed after the holiday.


Any other business

As discussed earlier in the meeting, it is important that there is good communication with the people in Kenya. At the moment there is a suspicion that there are certain expectations that we cannot meet.

The conclusion of the conversation with the board is that we must continue to be objective and above all continue to listen with our heart.

We will probably run into cultural differences in the future, but it is very important that we remain transparent towards each other.


Determine next meeting

The next meeting will take place on July 12, 2020.

The location is probably the Medialoods in Nijkerk, but because of the measures regarding corona, this still has to be checked.



The meeting ended with the wise words of the chairman: 'just be you'.


Second meeting:


Leusden, April 19, 2020

Notules of the foundation

Christians 4 children



Jonathan Floor, treasurer

Martijn Schoonhoven, chairman

Ayla van der Pols, secretary



The chairman opens the meeting with a small evaluation of the visit to the notary.

Minutes have been reviewed and approved.

Discuss incoming documents

The original papers of the notary go to the treasurer, the rest of the board has access to the papers through the login site of the notary.

The treasurer has requested everything from the Chamber of Commerce and is going to apply for a business bank account.


Going through agenda items

  • Vision: is it clear?

After discussing the vision and the policy plan, it was decided on 5 May

the treasurer and the chairman will work together on the plan and vision.

If that is the case, we can continue to build on this foundation.

  • Grants and sponsorships

The treasurer has found a company / organization in Emmeloord with whom he will enter into a conversation about which subsidies we can receive as a foundation.

In terms of sponsorships, the plan is to tackle this through sponsorship campaigns in schools and perhaps also through the church and children's service.

Furthermore, we already have an inflow of some financial support.

  • Deadlines: when do we want to achieve something?

A clear policy plan must first be drawn up if we want to be able to continue building.

Another factor is that due to the corona crisis, the response of companies is delayed, which means that this takes more time.

The goal is to have laid the foundation for the foundation by July 2020.


Additions for the foundation

  • The chairman again gave the tip to contact a foundation that also works with the kind of vision that C4C has, so that we do not have to reinvent the wheel.

  • The secretary indicated what to do in our own church with the children in the form of a piggy bank or something similar.

  • The treasurer wanted to discuss with the pastor what the church can do for the foundation.





Any other business

It is important for the board to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the members, in order to support and build each other where necessary.


Next meeting date

The next meeting will be on May 17, which will take place in Leusden.



  • The treasurer will ensure that the minutes are published on the website.

  • In the near future there will be a meeting / introduction with the contact person in Kenya

  • When writing down the policy plan, a call is made to the secretary to discuss it.

  • When discussing and noting goals in the plans for the foundation, we want to have certain things clear, for example vision and points that we stand for. But besides that, don't pin ourselves down to dates or promises that we might not be able to keep tight in the future.

This is to prevent misunderstandings or incorrect communication to the sponsors.


We conclude with prayer and blessing for the foundation.



Agenda items next time

  • Discuss policy plan

  • Establishing a conversation with a contact person in Kenya

  • Is everything ready for June?


First meeting:


Nijkerk, March 15, 2020

Notules of the foundation

Christians 4 children



Jonathan Floor, treasurer

Martijn Schoonhoven, chairman

Ayla van der Pols, secretary



The treasurer opens the meeting by sharing the pieces he already has.

The official statutes are drawn up by the notary's office, this will take 15 working days, then the foundation will officially start.


The main pillar for the foundation is,

'foundation where God reigns'


Objectives are:

  • Build communes

  • Provide school supplies

  • Well, church building / school

Sub-objectives are:

  • Provide support in education

  • Personal care

The aim is to keep everything in your own hands as much as possible.


Strategic plan is:

Set up the foundation, sponsor and find subsidies from the Netherlands.

Tip from the chairman: ask advice from other foundations about the tips and tricks.

The treasurer is / will look for sponsors and subsidies.



  • Movement from a Christian point of view.

  • Providing children and homeless people in Third World countries with shelter, food and Christian education.

  • Market size

The treasurer will send the vision to the rest of the board members so that a plan of action and further actions can be linked to it.


Services we want to provide:

  • main goal: to build villages and create shelter

  • sponsoring projects on the spot

  • hand out school supplies, shoes, uniforms

  • provide support in education and sports

  • supporting local churches

  • teaching self-sufficiency / entrepreneurship

  • building the future of the children / people (not only financially)






When is the foundation ready to promote the activities in different places?

  • It is important to first arrange all matters concerning the founding of the foundation, with a clear basis and mission. After this we can better promote and present the foundation.

Is it the intention that only finances are provided or also physical work?

  • The intention is that the facilities will be built in collaboration with other foundations.

  • In addition to financial support, the foundation also provides personal support.


The logo

The three colors green, yellow and red are, in addition to Jonathan's favorite colors, also the most used colors of African flags.

An eagle represents flying at higher altitudes.




  • Financially everything still has to be sorted out, but our goal is to work out the vision first so that we can also present it well to sponsors.


  • We agree to hold upcoming meetings on Sundays after the divine service.


  • Due to the corona crisis, the meeting for the proxy in connection with the foundation has been postponed for a while.




Agenda items for the next time:

  • Vision clear

  • Prepare a clear agenda

  • Within what timeframes do we want to achieve our objectives?