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Annual reports

Annual Report Christians For Children Foundation  


In the past year, we as the board of the foundation met several times to meet as a foundation in the media shed in Nijkerk. The points discussed are listed as minutes on our website. 

Last year the treasurer of the Christians For Children foundation made a trip to Kenya. During this trip he visited the relevant family and helped with the work of a new sanitary building. The treasurer also visited another orphanage that is also financially supported by the foundation. In addition, laundry barrels, a solar panel for electricity, shoes for under school uniforms, school fees, a gas tank for cooking are also provided. The treasurer has also visited several schools where the children go and has employed local workers to deepen the existing well. 

The treasurer has also examined the plot of land where possible construction will take place for a new dining room and places to stay overnight for the children. We also provided basic necessities for this project such as food, clothing and shoes. 

As a board, we have had a number of conversations with another organization to look at a possible collaboration. 

After meeting several times, we came to the conclusion that there was no cooperation between the two parties. 

The Christians For Children foundation remains open to a possible new collaboration with another organization and/or foundation. 

People also know more and more how to find us through social media, flyers and business cards. This has meant that we now have more brand awareness and that we also have more people who support us financially. From these finances we have been able and allowed to support various projects financially by means of food, clothing, shoes and making bricks ourselves. 

Last year, the chairman and treasurer went to goalball association Zwolle together. This association has made a donation of sportswear, sports bags and a ball for the game. These will be shipped to Kenya. 

We are very grateful as a foundation that people support us financially and that we can be a blessing to many children. Over the past year, more regular sponsors have been added and we are growing as a foundation. 

To improve our website, a free website check has been carried out by the company: For The Better. This in the person of Martijn Tel. As a result of this extensive check, the website has been improved in several places and is easier to find. The treasurer has made these changes.  


Due to the current measures that are/were applicable in the Netherlands, it was difficult for us as a foundation to build up brand awareness. One of the goals we wanted to work on last year was 'going to events' such as revival and EO youth day, but unfortunately this was canceled. As a foundation, we were unable to get started with this. 

The above is also the goal for next year in which we hope to reach more people to help us. In addition, we will also look for ambassadors for the foundation who want to support us on a voluntary basis.  


On behalf of the board of the Christians For Children Foundation 

Financial year overview 2021

month       starting amount  cost   income

January       3018.78       264.96       385.75

February       3139.57       274.13       452.00

March        3317.44       362.49       709.40

April         3664.35       206.02       275.00

May          3733.33       413.44       868.00

June          8187.93      2242.55       532.67

July          6478.05      2336.16      1535.00

August     5676.89      3637.94      1374.57

September   3413.52      1257.10      1413.46

October      3569.88      2086.56      1470.00

November   2953.32      1374.90      1475.00

December   3053.42      1060.93      1306.20

total:        3298.69

Rabobank:         3298.77

Difference:          0.08


The goals set for 2022 are as follows:

Our first goal was to expand our brand awareness by taking a spot at Christian events such as Opwekking.  

In addition, we have stated that we want to invest in promotion through social media, merchandise and the website. This is to recruit more regular sponsors for the foundation in order to provide the children with food and drink, to send them to school and to provide them with a good shelter. 

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